The Minoans as source of inspiration: merging the two most fascinating characteristics of Minoan Civilization, namely refined art and endurance of raw materials, we create natural plasters - Tadelakt, Lime and Clay. Our aim is to combine a well-informed understanding of raw-materials’ properties with the preservation of traditional methods and techniques, thereby resulting in a natural, safe and cost-effective product - your habitat.

Minoeco Tadelakt

Hydrophobic & polished plaster from local natural materials. Hard as stone soft as silk. Ideal for bathrooms, hamams kitchens and swimming pools.


Lime Plaster

Traditional lime plaster made from mix of lime putty, pozzolans, rock powders and mineral pigments.


Clay Plaster

Extreme environmental friendly plaster made from mix of clay, rock powders, microfibers and mineral pigments.



Having international experience in natural building, we provide construction infill services. We specialize in the techniques of straw bales, light straw-clay and hempcrete. Our constructions combine traditional and tested techniques with the highest energy-saving standards and bioclimatic design.

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Hempcrete is compining thermal mass with acoustic and thermal insulation. This revolutionary material is the strongest ally in constructing buildings that last for generations, redifining the term of "Ecological Construction".


Light clay

We construct houses that combine the unique properties of straw and clay. Light clay infill is ideal for warm climatic zones.


Straw bales

Straw bales provide high thermal insulation. Combined with the thermal mass of earthen plasters on the interior, offer the ideal infill for cold climatic zones.



Our creations develop together with the home owners and the architects. We combine modern and ancient techniques by using exclusively 100% natural materials. None of our projects is built like another, making them unique.

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Sustainable materials, such as clay and lime, offer ideal conditions for interior and exterior spaces with the smallest ecological footprint.
A natural harmony between home and people.

We offer ecological products which cover modern construction needs, combining quality, aesthetics and tradition.



Clay products
Lime products


We approach each project as a unique way of expression.

Crete, Greece

Available for projects in Greece and all over Europe

Mobile: +30 6973696567


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