Lime plaster

Traditional lime plaster made from mix of lime putty, pozzolans, rock powders and mineral pigments.

Features & Benefits of lime plaster

  • Durability - the strength of lime mix can be modified according to the needs of the particular application.
  • Flexibility – lime plaster is able to adjust and settle on walls easily as it doesn't set quickly
  • Autogenous healing /Self-healing - lime mortar adjusts quickly to stress and other changes at the onset due to its slow carbonation setting process
  • Antifungal - the alkaline properties of lime makes it naturally bacteria repellant
  • Low Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Where can be applied

Lime plaster is suitable for interiors and exteriors. Can be applied on drywall, brick, stone, straw bale, light clay. Depending on the type of wall we apply two or three coats of lime plaster

Lime finishes

We offer plasters in many colors. Wall finish can be soft and smooth or textured, matte or shiny.
By using antique techniques of decoration such as sgraffito and fresco, we give to the wall depth and dimension, creating an original design.

Exterior application of lime plaster is best done on a cool day. Hot weather causes the plaster to set too quickly, which encourages cracking

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