Clay - Vital material

Clay line is ideal for professionals and self-makers and the best choice for home and office interior design. Clay plaster offers a sense of comfort and coziness combined with unique technical properties.

Discover the purest experience of natural materials by shaping them in your space.


GaiaTouch - Clay finish plaster

Clay finish plaster, off-white and graded granulometry 0-0.7 mm. Ideal choice for interior applications, it offers a cozy feeling of your space.
It can be tinted with pigments to better match your aesthetic needs.


  Minoeco GaiaTouch - Clay fine plaster from greek materials. | Finish plaster


GaiaSand - Clay base coat plaster

Clay base coat plaster with graded granulometry 0-4 mm.
For indoor applications as a leveling and filling thick wall coat.
Diffusion and humidity regulator in the space.


  inoeco GaiaSand - Clay plaster exclusively from cretan materials | Base coat


GaiaPaint - Clay colour

Clay paint for indoor. Specially designed for application over acrylic paints without dusting. 100% hypoallergenic and natural.


  Minoeco GaiaPaint - Clay Paint
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