Lime - Thousand-year-old Tradition

From the Egyptian Pyramids, the Minoan Palaces and the conservation of antiquities, to traditional Greek architecture and the luxurious Hammams, lime has the most dynamic historical use in the world.
Lime Line is designed for craftsmen interested in high-quality plastering process and results.
BaseForm, FineForm and TadelaktForm contains minerals and natural additives which need to be activated with slaked hydrated lime/lime putty. Through this process we get better quality lime mortal than the one with powder hydrated lime. Irreplaceable properties of the wet slaked lime, such as workability, plasticity, high water retentiveness, high sand carrying capacity and high reactivity, create a plaster with enchased flexural and compressive strength.¹ ²
By getting the lime locally we support the local market and encourage the demand for traditional slaked lime production, a market which is almost abandoned in some regions. We reduce transport cost and contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.
Build with tradition, quality and responsibility.


TadelaktForm - For Artistic Finishes

TadelaktForm is a blend of selected very fine Greek minerals with well-graded granulometry of 0-0,3mm. Its design to create smooth, polished, compressed and hydrophobic finish coat.
The combination of Greek tradition and Moroccan craft offers the possibility for a unique surface finish that hardens with a time giving an effect of stone.
Suitable choice for wet spaces as bathroom, hammam, kitchen backsplash, decoration in the room and the office.


  Minoeco Tadelakt - A unique blend of refined greek natural materialss, for the production of Tadelakt | Waterproof and polished lime finish.


FineForm - For producing Lime Finish Plaster

FineForm is a blend of Greek minerals with-well graded granulometry of 0-0,7 mm. The mix of FineForm and hydrated lime produces the traditional lime plaster final coat, offering many possibilities for texture and smooth, polished finishes.
For external and internal use.


  Minoeco FineForm - Mix of greek natural materials, for the production of traditional hydraulic lime fine plaster | Finish plaster


BaseForm - For producing Lime Base Plaster

BaseForm is a blend of Greek minerals with well-graded granulometry of 0-4mm. The mix of BaseForm and hydrated lime creates traditional lime coarse plaster for indoor and outdoor applications.
Ideal basecoat/undercoat for all lime and clay finishes, it is essential for restorations and renovations of old buildings and monuments.


  Minoeco BaseForm :: An excellent blend of greek natural materials, for the production of the traditional hydraulic lime plaster | Base coat


1. Minoeco, Compressive strength of lime mortar tests. Public laboratory of Decentralized Administration of Crete, Greece.
2. Georgia Zacharopoulou, The effect of wet slaked lime putty and putty prepared from dry hydrated on the strength of lime mortars. Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Greece.

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