SoapShield - Olive oil soap for Tadelakt

Package: 180 g
Price: 20 € net
Efficiency: 13-16 m²
Usage: To be diluted in the water. To be applied on the stabilized Tadelakt surface.
Properties: Creates hydrophobic layer, cleaner for Tadelakt surface.

Minoeco SoapShield for Tadelakt
WaxOn - Protection paste for Tadelakt

Package: 200 g
Price: 23 € net
Efficiency: 10-12 m²
Usage: To be applied min 30 days after Tadelakt application.
Properties: Increase stain and water resistance, vivifies the color and create depth effect.

Minoeco WaxOn
Granite - Stone for Tadelakt application

Package: 1 piece
Size: ~3,5x3 cm
Price: 55 € net
Usage: Polishing tool for Tadelakt makers.
Type: Granite, hardness 6-7 Mohs scale



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