Straw bale construction, addition to an existing wattle and daub building - Troisdorf, Germany

Design: Dennis Harms/Harms architektur
Carpenter: Martin Büchler
Strawbale infill/Workshop leader: Herbert Gruber/Asbn
Lime Plaster: Marta Rakowska & Manos Ximeris /Minoeco
Clay Plaster: Alejandro Lopez/ Okambuva, coop V.

We had a great pleasure to be a part of a new straw bale construction in Troisdorf, Germany. The house is an addition of a 200 years old building, made in very traditional technique - wattle and daub as many houses in Troisdorf city. It was completely renovated by Andrea Rost and her family, using original technique.
Her passion to natural materials was growing and decided a new house to be build with straw bales. The construction was pretty challenging due to its urban location, limited space to store all materials and prepare the mixes. But with an assistance of our international workshop participants and fantastic cuisine of Andrea we have made great job!
We were pleased to work with one of the highest quality of lime putty we have met in central Europe. 28 months old slaked lime gave a fantastic plasticity to our customized mixes.



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