Straw bale insulation of 2-storey brick house from '70s - Pregarten, Austria

CUT Construction: Andreas Neswal (owner)
Builders/Trainers: Marta Rakowska, Manos Ximeris (Minoeco), Herbert Gruber (ASBN)

A beautiful project with a big involvement of the owners, who not only participate in the construction, but also host and feed a team of 20 people.

CUT construction was montage to the existing building to create boxes for straw bale insulation.  During 10 days workshop we wrapped 2-storey house with strawbales, insulated window frames with hemp wool and applied 1st coat of lime plaster directly onto a straw.

Big thanks to Eva Wimmer and Joshua Roxendal for a great cooperation in completion of exterior lime plaster.

Part of the house is dedicated for creation and spiritual development. Monika Klinger-Neswal is music therapist and Andreas Neswal offers Shiatsu sessions.  



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