Clay finish plaster

Package : 25 kg sack
Particle size: 0-0,7 mm
Color: Creamy to beige
Consumption: 4 m2 (2 layers) – 7 m2 (1 layer)
Country of origin: Greece
Price: 35 € net (1,4 €/kg)
1000 kg - 1100 € net

Dry product to be mixed with water.
Manual or machine application.
Suitable for indoor use only.
100% natural ingredients.

All absorbent surfaces such as clay, lime and cement plaster on following substrates: bricks, strawbale, lightclay, hempcrete, ytong blocks, silica blocks, heraklith board, reed mat, gypsum boards after primer.
For the best results apply on GaiaSand clay base coat.

Properties of clay plaster
Vapor permeable, allows water vapor to pass through it.
Hygroscopic, absorbs moisture from the surrounding atmosphere, regulates humidity in the room.
Absorbs unpleasant odors in surrounding space.


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