For producing Lime Base Plaster

Package : 25 kg sack
Particle size: 0-4 mm
Color: Beige or rose
Consamption: 1,8-2,5 m2 *
*depending on layer thickness, substrate smoothness and application method
Country of origin: Greece
Price: 28 € net (1,12 €/kg)

BaseForm dry mix to formulate durable, hydraulic lime coarse render.
Ideal base coat plaster for lime and clay finishes.
Composition of coarse grained minerals and natural pozzolan.
Dry product to be mixed with hydrated lime/lime putty/slaked lime.
Manual or machine application.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor surfaces.
All absorbent surfaces bricks, strawbale, lightclay, hempcrete, ytong blocks, silica blocks, heraklith board, reed mat, gypsum boards after primer.

Properties of lime plaster
High alkali, fungi free environment.
Weather resistant.
Vapor permeable, allows water vapor to pass through it.
Flexible, accommodate the movement.
Enhances air quality inside.


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