Clay plaster

Extreme environmental friendly plaster made from mix of clay, rock powders, microfibers and mineral pigments.

Features & Benefits of clay plaster

  • Non toxic - ideal for allergy sufferers
  • Non flammable
  • Durable - maintenance and repair of clay plastered wall is minimal and simple
  • Hygroscopic qualities – clay has ability to attract and hold water molecules from the surrounding environment
  • Excellent vapor permeability – clay has ability to allow water vapor to pass through it
  • Flexible - addition of fibers in the mixture hold together the plaster without cracking in situations of minor or gradual movement
  • Reversible – clay doesn’t have staining or caustic qualities and it’s easy to be removed

Where can be applied

Clay plaster is suitable for interiors. Can be applied on drywall, bricks, straw bale, light clay, cob. Depending on the type of wall we apply two or three coats of clay plaster.

Time of drying: few days to a few weeks, depending on the season.

Clay finishes

We offer plaster in many natural colors. Wall finish can be soft and smooth or textured, matte or shiny.
By using antique techniques of decoration such as sgraffito and fresco, we give to the wall depth and dimension, creating an original interior design.

We do not recommend clay plaster on exterior walls unless sufficient roof overhang

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